Mr Peebles 2021 Calendar


The Mr Peebles 2021 calendar features 12 months of collective animal nouns. Each month features a watercolour illustration of little crew of animals and their collective name. From a gaze of raccoons, to a leap of leopards, all the way to an aurora of polar bears.

With a full A4 size illustration and a full page date grid for each month, there's plenty of space for those all important dates and appointments. 

  • Jan - A gaze of raccoons
  • Feb - A mischief of mice
  • Mar - A clutter of cats
  • Apr - A cupboard of pandas
  • May - A squadron of pelicans
  • Jun - A kaleidoscope of butterflies
  • Jul - A circus of puffins
  • Aug - A leap of leopards 
  • Sep - A school of porpoise
  • Oct - A drove of goats
  • Nov - A bloat of hippos 
  • Dec - An aurora of polar bears

Printed in the UK on thick matt finish paper. Bound with black wire and has a punch hole to easily hang on the wall.

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