Vanilla and Sandalwood Àwò lgi Incense by Oré mi

Oré mi – an expression which means my friend in Yoruba – was founded by Karen Olla in 2019. The independent wellbeing brand melds Karen’s Nigerian heritage with her upbringing in London, in a collection of warm, grounding and restorative scents.

All Oré mi creations are designed to be safe, ethical, and friendly to the planet. 

The Vanilla & Sandalwood incense smells of dominant aromatic woodsy Sandalwood notes supported by cedarwood nuances and finally blended with a substantive base of vanilla pods.

The incense is hand-dipped in London and placed into recyclable Kraft envelopes with the signature Oré mi label on the outside of the packaging. 

It consists of x10 sticks and each stick burns for up to 35-40 minutes.