Klaus Weber is an artist who strays through multiple disciplines and appears to take on various professional roles—from engineer to anthropologist, from bee-keeper to anatomist—in his ongoing exploration of natural and sociology-political forces, questioning our social, physical, psychological and ontological relationships with the environments we live in. If you leave me I’m not coming was an exhibition of recent works and new commissions, while Already there! was a dense and finely tuned assemblage of 176 borrowed artworks and assorted objects of different kinds (as well as some of Weber’s own artworks), spanning 1,000,000 years. A selection of art works, mainly from the Tate collection, echoes Weber’s interests, dating back to Monkey and Dogs Playing by Francis Barlow from 1661. Artists include Sir William Allen, Louis Anquetin, John Armstrong, Clive Barker, Francis Barlow, Reg Butler, César, George Fullard, Philip Guston, Gertrude Hermes, Sir George Howland Beaumont, Henri Michaux, Paul Neagu, David Shrigley, Sir Hamo Thorneycroft and Richard Wentworth.

The publication is designed as two books in one, a book with two beginnings and no end. It features essays by Diedrich Diederichsen and Jörg Heiser and introductions by Klaus Weber and Alex Farquharson and Abi Spinks.