18ct gold pin, folded silkscreen print onto Heritage Book White 100gsm
Edition of 26
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

This edition has been generously created by Geoffrey Farmer as part of a group of specially commissioned artist’s editions on the occasion of Nottingham Contemporary’s 10-year anniversary.

I am a Fern comprises of a letter written by the artist and a 18ct gold safety pin. The printed letter is a story, describing a personal and defining memory for Farmer, who at the age of 16 meets a young hitchhiker and his first sexual encounter.

For Farmer the safety pin is a talisman which punctuates the narrative, marking moments of awakening in both the artist’s sexual and artistic identity. The folded print is a metaphor which mirrors the story, unfolding ‘like a fern’, when displayed. The safety pin, cast in gold, which Farmer wears as a necklace to this day, is homage both to this personal memory and a cultural mythology of punk and its promise of freedom.

Geoffrey Farmer (b. Vancouver, 1967) is a unique and disconcerting voice in Canadian art. Borrowing elements from conceptual and installation art, he combines poetry and social commentary with specific cultural histories and memories. He presents these findings in new and unfamiliar light, creating playful and visually entrancing works. Geoffrey Farmer had a major UK based solo exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary in 2013 -14.

Titled Let’s Make the Water Turn Black it was his most technically ambitious installation to date. Over 70 sculptures had been constructed from found materials, salvaged movie props and discarded theatre sets which he presents as an ensemble on a large platform. Animated by computer, in an environment of changing coloured light, the population of characters are choreographed into a mechanical performance. They moved slowly in response to musical compositions.

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