How are curatorial and artistic practices advancing new research methods? Institution as Praxis—New Curatorial Directions for Collaborative Research explores new curatorial and artistic practices that contribute to the expansion of institutional, practice-based, and collaborative research methods. This publication offers an overview of how creative practices are modifying the ways we think about both knowledge production and research in the cultural sector and in academia. This exploration enquires the invention of manifold research methodologies and contributes to think of strategies to de-universalize and de-neutralize the rigid epistemic schemata of inherited disciplines. Designed as a platform of aesthetic and intellectual exchange, the speculative interface of cultural practices has radically changed the way we consider how research qualities in curatorial and artistic practices have developed. Institution as Praxis aims to identify and advocate for a multiplicity of practices taking place across the cultural sector that do not only engage with the quest to deliver cultural activities (e.g. exhibitions, events), but generate new modes of knowledge production and research in the field of visual culture, art, and the curatorial.

This publication is part of the curatorial research Institution as Praxis curated by Nottingham Contemporary. This project examines new modes of knowledge production and research in the field of visual culture, art, and the curatorial. The project is generously supported by the Midlands Higher Education Culture ForumIntroduction and edited by Carolina Rito and Bill Balaskas. 

Contributors to the publication are: Bill Balaskas, Michael Birchall, Mélanie Bouteloup, Carolina Céron, Anthony Downey, Pujita Guha and Abhijan Toto for the Forest Curriculum, Joasia Krysa, Vali Mahlouji, Je Yun Moon, Andrea Phillips, Emily Pringle, Carolina Rito, ruangrupa (farid rakun and Leonhard Bartolomeus), Nora Sternfeld and Sian Vaughan.

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English Language.